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Used Cars and New Cars for sale In Mallorca from 1000€ – 30,000€ all with a 25 point safety check and ITV where applicable.
Second hand cars and new cars in Mallorca, Spain. Ask about our wide range of quality new and second hand cars.
Mallorca Car Hire is the best possible way to start your next used car purchase.

Looking for a new or second-hand car ? Our vehicle prices are probably the lowest in Spain !!

    Second-Hand Cars For Sale In Mallorca

    Looking for a reliable and affordable second-hand car in Mallorca? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of quality used cars at competitive prices. Don’t miss out on our incredible selection of second-hand cars for sale in Mallorca!

    •  What types of cars do you have for sale?
    •  What is the price range for the cars you sell?
    •  What is the condition of the cars you have for sale?
    •  Can I take a test drive before I decide to buy?
    •  Is there a warranty or guarantee on the cars you sell?
    •  Can I trade in my current car as part of the purchase?
    •  What financing options do you offer for car purchases?
    •  What is the process for transferring ownership of the car?
    •  Is it possible to negotiate the price of the car?
    •  What is the maintenance history of the car I am interested in purchasing?
    •  Can I have the car inspected by a mechanic before I purchase it?
    •  Is there a return policy if I am not satisfied with the car after purchasing it?
    •  Can I purchase additional warranties or insurance for the car?
    •  What documents do I need to provide to purchase a car in Mallorca?
    •  Can you help me with the registration and licensing process for the car after I purchase it?

    Here is an interesting fact, did you know that Mallorca and Majorca are both one and the same place ? The only difference is that Majorca is the English translation of the Spanish name Mallorca.

    The largest of the Balearic Islands Mallorca is an island of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea off the east-central coast of the mainland.

    With arguably some of the most beautiful scenery in the Mediterranean and an average of over 300 days of sunshine, driving here really can be great fun.

    Hiring while you on holiday in Mallorca gives you the total freedom to go where you want, when you want in comfort. If however, you come to this beautiful Balearic Island regularly, or indeed if you are lucky enough to live here, you just may want to consider investing in a vehicle of your own and look for a car for sale in Mallorca.

    But before deciding exactly which vehicle to purchase you need to be sure that your dream car is not going to turn into a complete nightmare and that you will continue to be taken care of long after you drive away, especially when buying a second-hand car or used vehicle.

    Our valued clients enjoy total peace of mind from day one with a full vehicle checking service ensuring that everything possible has been taken into consideration.

    How to buy a car ?


    Do you have something you would like to trade-in when you buy a car in Mallorca ? Not a problem as we buy any car.

    Do you buy vehicles even if we are not buying from you ? Yes we do also purchase used vehicles or used cars.

    When you buy a used car in Mallorca you will need to provide the following information – Proof of your identity i.e. Passport, etc, proof of your address ( utility bill, bank statement, phone bill, etc ) and details of your NIE / NIF number.

    When you buy a second-hand car or new car in Mallorca the transfer process normally takes around 7 – 10 days and we are always available to help if you have any questions.

    Where to buy second-hand cars in Mallorca


    With a comprehensive network of contacts here in Spain to assist you when buying a car, we aim to help find your perfect vehicle at a price that is within your chosen budget.

    We will provide you with help and assistance throughout the entire buying process when buying a new car or buying a used car always and the quoted price always includes a FREE legal transfer into your name.

    We always have an extensive range of cars for sale in Mallorca at all times including second-hand cars and of course please don’t forget to let us know if there something in particular that you are looking for that we don’t currently have listed here.

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